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Store Front » Music » Faith No More (We Care A Lot) Vinyl Mega Bundle

Faith No More (We Care A Lot) Vinyl Mega Bundle

€81.20 $87.50

Bundle Contains
We Care A Lot Vinyl
T-shirt design of your choosing
Star Slipmat
We Care A Lot Totebag
FNM Star Cap

Pressed on 180g vinyl and includes a copy of the album on CD. Original tracks remastered with bonus tracks that include a couple songs remixed, by Matt Wallace, and some unreleased demos and live tracks. Anyone that preorders the album will receive an instant Mp3 download of the album tracks 'We Care a Lot' and 'As the Worm Turns' upon checkout.

Side 1:
1. We Care A Lot
2. The Jungle
3. Mark Bowen
4. Jim
5. Why Do You Bother

Side 2:
6. Greed
7. Pills For Breakfast
8. As the Worm Turns
9. Arabian Disco
10. New Beginnings

Side 3:
11. Greed - Original Demo
12. Mark Bowen - Original Demo
13. Arabian Disco - Original Demo
14. Intro - Original Demo

Side 4:
15. We Care A Lot - 2016 Mix
16. Pills For Breakfast - 2016 Mix
17. As the Worm Turns - 2016 Mix
18. The Jungle - I-Beam SF, 1986